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Cannot start machine, machine will not operate.

  1. Main power turned off.
  2. Power not plugged in.
  3. Fuseless switch jumped off.
  1. Turn main three phase power on.
  2. Insert power plug into outlet.
  3. Turn fuseless switch to the "on" position.

Machine starts and keyboard is operable, but three axes will not move.

  1. Trouble with emergency switch, emergency signal not relieved.
  2. Second limit protecting switch is pressed.
  3. DC24V3A protecting switch is off.
  1. Change emergency switch.
  2. Turn off power, hand turn axis until second limit protecting switch not pressed anymore.
  3. Press 3A protecting switch.

Keyboard not operational.

  1. Keyboard cable not plugged in.
  2. Keyboard electrical panel EKB01 not responding.
  3. Incomplete computer program.
  1. Re-insert the keyboard cable.
  2. Change keyboard electrical panel EKB01.
  3. Re-copy computer program.

Three axes contact the second limit switch as they reach maximum range of motion.

  1. Distance between first limit
    switch and the second limit
    switch is too close.
  1. Increase distance between first limit switch and second limit switch.

Fast clash phase occurs during three axis motion.

  1. Servo board ESV01 trouble
  2. Servo motor signal response wire not properly connected.
  3. Servo motor trouble.
  4. Translation code board (EXE01) trouble.
  1. Change servo board ESV01.
  2. Reconnect signal response wire.
  3. Change servo motor.
  4. Change translation code board (EXE01)

Interruption of side seeking or center seeking function; servo stop message displayed.

  1. Electrode or workpiece not clean.
  1. Clean the surface of the electrode workpiece.

Machining data will not load or save.

  1. Disk drive or disk has trouble.
  2. Memory at full capacity.
  1. Change disk drive of disk.
  2. Delete excessive programs.

Can start and operate machine but screen does not display.

  1. Screen signal or power cable not connected.
  2. Panel screen power switch has trouble.
  3. Screen has problem.
  1. Re-connect signal wire or power wire.
  2. Change power switch.
  3. Change screen.

After machine starts the fire alarm sounds continuously.

  1. Open circuit on extinguisher black box internal switch.
  2. The infrared detector has trouble.
  3. Outside source light reflection.
  1. Adjust the black box's angle and make switch contact short circuit.
  2. Change the infrared detector.
  3. Avoid reflecting light.

Side contact siren continuously sounds after machine starts, even when electrode and work piece are not in contact.

  1. Electrode clamp insulation piece is broken or dirty.
  2. Plus/ minus exchange relay action incorrect or dusty.
  3. DC24V3A protecting switch is off.
  1. Change insulation piece or clean clamp.
  2. Change or clean relay.
  3. Press return protecting switch.

Spark contact tool.

  1. Plus/minus exchange relay action incorrect or dusty.
  2. EPG 01 signal board has trouble.
  3. Transistor board signal wire disconnected.
  4. Electrode clamp insulation piece is broken or dirty.
  1. Change or clean relay.
  2. Change EPG 01 signal board.
  3. Re-connect signal wire.
  4. Change insulation piece or clean clamp.

Door seam leaks oil.

  1. Sponge strip is poorly installed or dirty.
  1. Re-install or change the sponge strip.

Electromagnetic switch causes noise during oil feed.

  1. Electromagnetic switch trouble, such as internal iron dust.
  1. Open the electromagntism switch, clean internal iron dust or change new one.

Incorrect spark current.

  1. ETB logic board has bug.
  2. Transistor board relay has trouble.
  1. Change EIB logic board.
  2. Change relay.