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Neuar EDMs have achieved the best performance, high precision, high speed, high efficiency (Ra0.12μm) and a low electrode wear rate (< 0.1%) thanks to our strict quality control and continuous investment in research and development. The 3 in 1 structure is our unique design concept that reduces space, fits ergonomic requirements, facilitates an effective working environment, and promotes efficiency. The Neuar EDM advantage is saving of the invisible costs that enable you to increase their annual profits.
  • High rigidity Meehanite cast iron frame.

  • Hidden circuit design for anti-interruption and durability.

  • Unique hidden fire proofing for illumination.

  • High sensitivity infrared sensor and liquid nitrogen
    auto distinguisher.

  • High endurance servo motor and precision ball screw

  • Heidenhain linear encoder 0.001mm resolution with offset

  • Double erect type filtration system.

  • Supports English, Chinese as well as other languages.

  • Edit function on GM code & dialogue, may be edited by outside
    screen during machining

  • Square and circle enlargement and orbit machining.

  • Expert system is the simplest solution for EDM machining.

  • Supports internet or RS232 Ethernet.

  • Supports three work panels; six directions for edge finding/
    aperture center/ cylinder center/ top/ spark calibration.

  • Adjustable spark calibration parameters.

  • Supports 9 types of orbit machining – XY, YZ, ZX planes,
    six directions, and supports slope orbit machining.

  • Vents carbon residue in direction of machining, 45 degree, upward, and
    along original route.

  • Stores up to 1000 sets of parameters available, 20 sparking data per

CNC Wire-cut EDM
1. Program with auxiliary icon and dialogue editing
2. Chinese / English and Metric / imperial unit convrtable
3.15" LCD display
4. 5X86 industrial grade PC
5. With flushing memory device 64MB external memory CF card
6. User memory capacity editing 100,000 block
7.Input format: External memory, keyboard, remote control box
8. Character set: Alphanumeric and symbols
9. Positionting command : Absolute coordinate / Relative coordinate
10. Max. input command : ±9999.999
11. Machining condition storge capacity 1000 conditions
12. 4 axes simutaneous control machining
13. offset settings storage capacity 240 conditions
14. NC unit with Muti-tasking CORN APP ARC cutting function
15. Position detection by full close loop(linear scale)
16. Machining parameter to be access and memory
17. Backlash and torque compensation are separated to each axis
18. Calibration function
Auto Original point finding
19. Auto Vertical calibration
20. Auto Edge finding
21. Auto Center finding
22. Auto Slit finding
23. Auto ARC center finding
24. Auto side center finding
25. Parellel compensate
26. Back to G54 ~ G59 setting coordinate datum
26. Various machine operation & machining function, incl.:
a. NC program Editing & Files managemenet function
b. Simulate NC program graph preview
c. Wire threading operation: Manual treading, Auto threading,
Program auto threading
d. Monitor of machining
e. Dry RUN
f. Program setting machining
g. EDM parameter setting machining
h, Graph Zoom machining monitor
i. FLY Cut machining
j. ARC CORN machining
k. FINE setting machining
l. AWT parameter setting: wire break point, Go back to start point,
Along the path go back to cutting point, to wire threading
m. Tapper machining
n. Alarm message indication, Machining history record,