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Core technology of EDM

New AE II discharge power system breaks through old machining limits, which means faster cycle time, better surface finish, and lower electrode wear.

Z axis fast jumping speed 18M/min

The new AE II type motion control algorithm improves debris removal speed. The spindle can reach high-speed movement of 18M/mm to remove debris, which is nearly 9 times faster than the original AI model. In large-area and precision machining discharge occasions, stable servo motion control is provided to improve discharge efficiency and shorten machining time.


Item Content
Electrode Graphite POCO EDM 2
Workpiece SKD 11
Projection area 1 x 38 mm
Machining depth 70 mm
Surface roughness VDI 25 / Ra 1.8 um

Mirror surface Ra 0.08um

The ultra-fine surface Ra 0.08 um can be easily reached even in a large area without using powder technology, saving time for further polishing treatment.


Item Content
Electrode Copper
Workpiece NAK 80
Projection area 35 x 35 mm
Machining depth 1.97 mm
Machining time 5 hours 15 minutes
Surface roughness VDI 0 / Ra 0.08 um

Sharp corner R radius 8um

As electronic products move toward high-precision and miniaturization, the requirement standards for machining are getting higher and higher. For finer lines and shapes, through the latest wear suppression technology, the best R angle 8um can be achieved.


Item Content
Electrode Copper
Workpiece VIKING
Undersized calculation 0.05 mm
Number of electrodes 4
Machining depth 0.3 mm
Surface roughness VDI 7 / Ra 0.22 um

Super harden material machining

The high tool wear caused by super hard materials is a major problem in electrical discharge machining. Through a new exclusive super hard alloy circuit and low wear technology , the sharp corner R radius can be clearly displayed. The best surface roughness can reach up to Ra 0.22 um.


Previous technology

AE II New technology

Item Content
Electrode Copper Tungsten
Workpiece Tungsten-Carbide HRA 90°
Projection area 83 mm2
Machining depth 0.15 mm
Machining time 2 hours 10 minutes
Surface roughness VDI 7 / Ra 0.22 um

Fine finishing machining

Newly developed discharge power circuit, significantly fine finishing machining performance improved , compared with the previous generation, cycle time reduced by nearly 45%.


Item Content
Electrode Copper
Workpiece NAK 80
Projection area 38 x 28 mm
Machining depth 12 mm
Machining time 6 hours 9 minutes
Surface roughness VDI 9 / Ra 0.28 um

Large area machining technology

The larger the workpiece area and the finer the surface, the more uneven particles will appear. The new AE II power supply, through monitoring high-speed discharge gap state , can result an even machining surface, improving the efficiency, and greatly reduce the subsequent mold polishing time.


Item Content
Electrode Graphite POCO EDM 200
Workpiece SKD 61
Projection area 100 x 100 mm
Machining depth 5 mm
Machining time 6 hours 21 minutes
Surface roughness VDI 18 / Ra 0.8 um